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E Co Consultants

E Co Consultants, Inc, provides environmental consulting services associated with ecological and agricultural management, land development, and other growth-related issues. We maintain a professional, well-balanced staff of scientists with a diversity of expertise, enabling us to offer comprehensive environmental consultation and management services. E Co Consultants is committed to a proactive approach and timely delivery of a professional, high-quality product. Our experience, attention to detail, and ability to adapt to an ever-evolving regulatory environment are the keys to successful projects and client satisfaction.

Our Team
Alec Hoffner
Senior Scientist


Alec has a Masters in Soil and Water Science along with a BSc in Forest Resources and Conservation from the University of Florida. He has been working in environmental consulting for over 20 years including starting E Co Consultants. He is responsible for habitat mapping, environmental constraints analysis, wetland delineations, environmental permitting, wetland mitigation design, expert witness testimony, seagrass/benthic marine resource mapping, soil mapping and characterization, hydric soils determinations, and seasonal high water table determinations. Other responsibilities include certified arborist consulting and the supervision of mangrove trimming projects.

Chris Bryant 
Senior Scientist


Chris graduated with a BSc. in Soil Science: Soils and Land Use at the University of Florida. Chris helped to start E Co and has over 20 years experience with environmental consulting. He is responsible for preparation of Environmental Resource Permit applications for development activities, environmental constraints analysis of parcels, wetland delineations, upland habitat mapping, hydric soils determinations, permanent farming exemptions and ordinary farming permits, water use permitting, supervision of water quality monitoring, as well as, aerial and land use mapping. He facilitates all utility projects dealing with distribution lines, transmission lines, sub-stations, power plants, and solar plants.

Craig Wolfe
Environmental Specialist


Craig helped to start E Co in 2001 and works on many different aspects of the company, but most of his time is with Utility work and Gopher Tortoise Relocation. He has over 18 years of experience with gopher tortoise surveys and relocation, as well as being a FWC Authorized Gopher Tortoise Agent and over 20 years of CADD experience. He is also a certified Storm Water, Erosion, and Sediment Control Inspector. His Utility work includes Environmental Assessments and Permitting of new utility corridors as well as improvement and replacement activities associated with existing power line transmission/distribution structures throughout Florida. This includes assessment of proposed and existing structures and sub-station areas, including habitat, wildlife, and erosion constraints.

Reid Hardman
Senior Scientist



Todd Hershfeld 
Senior Scientist


Todd Hershfeld has been in the environmental field in the State of Florida for over 20 years. He graduated from the University of New England in Maine, where he received a degree in Environmental Science. Majority of his past employment involved working for state and county governments doing environmental review for the Southwest Florida Water Management District and Sarasota County Government, which consisted of large-scale land development review, rezoning, Development of Regional Impacts assessments (DRI), Environmental Resource permitting (ERP) and Water Use Permitting (WUP). Todd has considerable knowledge with County & State Codes and regulations pertaining to Land Development processes for approval. He has prepared numerous technical environmental reports supporting consistency with county comprehensive plans for the Board of County Commissions (BOCC) and Regional Planning Council (RPC).

Jessica Griffith
Senior Scientist


Edward M. Craig IV,
Senior Scientist


Ed received a BSc in Natural Resources and Environmental Science from Purdue University.  He worked for the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) and Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) before joining E Co Consultants in 2016.  His most recent position at SWFWMD was FARMS Program Manager.  In total, Ed has well over 20 years of state government experience between the SWFWMD and FDACS. He has been instrumental working on a variety of local, state and federal permitting (ERP, SSL, WUP) projects involving utilities, agriculture, residential, and commercial.  His background gives him the expertise to work on Water Use Permitting; Local, State and Federal Surface Water Resource Planning and Permitting (ERP); Agricultural Exemptions; Agricultural Cost-Share Program Planning (i.e., FARMS, EQIP); Electrical Transmission, Distribution and Substation Planning and Permitting; Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys; Soil Determinations; SHWL/NP Determinations; Wetland Delineation; Mitigation Design, UMAM functional assessments, and more.  Ed is also a Certified Professional Soil Scientist through the Soils Science Society of America and the American Society of Agronomy.

Ben King
Project Manager


Jessie has over 12 years’ experience as a botanist and wetland ecologist in Florida, her extensive knowledge of ecological principles has enabled her to contribute to and gain valuable experience in natural resource conservation and management as it relates to plants, fish, and wildlife. She graduated from the University of South Florida with degrees in Botany and Environmental Policy. A large portion of her career was spent at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, involved in fish and wildlife habitat management, aquatic habitat restoration and monitoring. As a consultant, Jessie works on various land development, route and corridor studies, and numerous transportation projects throughout Florida. Her depth of experience includes wetland assessment and delineation, and State and Federal permitting, aquatic system evaluation, and wildlife ecology in all of Florida’s ecosystems.

Ben King was born and raised in Palmetto as a farmer and has over 30 years of experience in agriculture. He graduated with a BSc in Horticulture Science from the University of Florida. At ECo he manages the Ecosystem management crew and makes sure that projects are properly carried out within government compliance requirements. He has extensive knowledge of nuisance species removal and treatment, upland/wetland restoration and mitigation plantings, maintenance and storm-water compliance, and mangrove trimming. His background also makes him an expert at proper irrigation techniques when planning out agriculture fields.

Joel Christian
Senior Scientist


Chris Kennedy,
Environmental Scientist


Joel received a BSc in Environmental Science from Tusculum College.  Joel started at E Co in 2017 after working for Manatee County as an Environmental Planning Division Manager.  He has over 20 years of professional environmental experience and has been an integral part of county permitting.  His experiences make him knowledgeable in all aspects of county planning and permitting for land development, mangrove trimming, wetland mitigation, and keeping within environmental compliance during construction.

Chris has a BSc. in Environmental Studies from the University of Central Florida. Prior to working at E Co he was an environmental scientist for the Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County where he strengthened his basics on reviewing of environmental permits. He has experience working on wetland delineation projects, mangrove permitting, dock/seawall permitting, exotic/nuisance vegetation removal permitting, and wetland impact and the development of UMAMs. Along with his environmental background, he is also knowledgeable in use of GIS and GPS.

Jake Paris
Environmental Technician


Michael Jensen 
Senior GIS Analyst



Michael has a BSc. in Environmental Science from Montana State University. While in school, he received an internship with a water quality non-profit where he began to use GIS as a tool to explain scientific data. Since that time, he has been working within the consulting world using GIS and CADD in many fields such as mining, hydrology, construction, utilities and environmental. Michael has extensive knowledge using aerial interpretation to determine environmental habitats, 3D Analyst, data management, raster and spatial analyst, and GPS data collection. With his many years of experience, he is heavily involved in all projects at E Co and makes sure all office and field data is produced efficiently and at the highest standard.

Andrew Neel
GIS Technician


Andrew recently moved to Palmetto from Tallahassee after receiving his BSc in Environmental Studies and Master's degree in GIS both from Florida State University. Before starting with E Co he worked at an internship with the GIS department in Leon County. Passionate about the environment and GIS, E Co was the perfect fit in starting his professional career where his motivation to create quality work is seen everyday.

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